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-AUSBURG 17th April 1942-

The following has been received from AOC-in-C Bomber Command – the following message has been received by the AOC from the Prime Minister – “We must plainly regard the attack of the Lancasters on the U-boat engine factory at Augsburg as an outstanding achievement of the Royal Air Force.  Undeterred by heavy losses at the outset, 44 and 97 Squadrons pierced and struck a vital point with deadly precision in broad daylight.  Pray convey the thanks of His Majesty’s Government to the officers and men who accomplished this memorial feat of arms in which no life was lost in vain”.

Message from Chief of the Air Staff – “I would like 44 and 97 Squadrons to know the great importance I attach to this gallant and successful attack on the diesel engine factory at Augsburg.  Please give my warmest congratulations and thanks”.

From Air Marshall A.T.Harris “Convey to the crews of 44 and 97 Squadrons who took part in the Augsburg raid, the following; - the resounding blow which has been struck at the enemy’s submarine and tank building programme will echo round the world.  The full effects of his submarine campaigns cannot be immediately apparent, but nevertheless they will be enormous.  The gallant adventure penetrating deep into the heart of Germany in daylight and pressed home with outstanding determination in the face of bitter and unforeseen opposition takes its place amongst the most courageous operations of the war.  It is moreover yet another fine example of effective cooperation with the other services by striking at the very sources of the enemy effort.  The officers and men who took part, those who returned and those who fell, have indeed served their country well”. 97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron Oberational Recard Book.

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World War 2

In all, 97 Squadron lost 123 aircraft on operations in the course of completing 4066 sorties. Personnel from the Squadron won 18 DSOs, one OBE, 228 DFCs, 41 Bars to the DFC, one BEM, 163 DFMs, 2 Bars to the DFM, 2 United States of America DFCs, 2 Belgian Croix de Guerres and one Russian Medal of Valour. Recently the French Government has bestowed the la legion d'honneur to members of 97 Squadron


Cold War

In 1955 the contract from the United States Government for the development of an IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic missile) system went to the Douglas Aircraft Corporation, which by prodigious feats of design and engineering delivered the first SM - 75 Thor in October 1956 and despite an inauspicious start in the flight test programme - the first 4 launches ended in failure - the system was declared operational in 1959 and place under the control of bomber Command.

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The squadron continues today through the 97 (straits settlements) Squadron Association. The Association is for all those who have served with 97 Squadron and is open to their relatives and friends as well.

This is the location for our Memory Page, where we remember those who survived the war but have since sadly departed us. It also contains news items and photo galleries from previous reunion events. This is continually being updated.


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The history of 97 Squadron from its forming in December 1917, at Waddington to assuming the title of “97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron”,in February 1941. Finally its cold war importance.

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Roll Of Honour

97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron suffered losses during World war 2. Listed here all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"Lest We Forget"

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The 97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron Association is proud to be associated with.



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