Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

ALABASTER, Robert Clifford DFC Act WC 81065 RAFVR LG 30.11.43 – Since being awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross, this officer has participated in many sorties, including two attacks on Berlin.  His fearlessness and skill have been an important factor in the many successes obtained.  He is a most excellent flight commander and his example both in the air and on the ground has proved an inspiration to all. 

BAKER, Rayner DFC Act WC  81930  RAFVR  LG  24.4.45 – This officer has participated in more than 60 bombing missions during which he has attacked a wide range of enemy targets.  He has displayed skill and courage of a high order and his determination to attack his targets with the greatest accuracy has set a very fine example.  The successes he has achieved are a fine tribute to his sterling qualities.


BURNS, Kenneth Holstead DFC  Act WC  40340  RAFO  LG  24.9.43 – This officer has participated in a large number of sorties involving attacks on dock installations and industrial centres in Germany and important targets in Italy.  His efforts throughout have been characterised by an inflexible determination to achieve success.  On more than one occasion his aircraft has been damaged by enemy action but each time his persistence and skill have enabled him to reach and bomb his target.  W/C Burns has displayed high qualities of leadership, courage and devotion to duty.  

CHATTEN, Clifford Stanley Act FL 149529  RAFVR  LG  16.6.44 – One night in May 1944 this officer was the pilot of an aircraft detailed to attack Brunswick.  On the outward flight the aircraft was intercepted by a fighter but it was cleverly evaded.  When nearing the target area, however, another fighter was encountered.  As a result, the bomber was severely damaged.  The nose part was smashed.  The air pressure thus caused blew out the windows at the side and most of the windscreen around the pilot’s cupola.  The navigational equipment, the wireless apparatus and the mid upper turret were rendered useless, while two members of the crew were wounded.  The cold was intense.  Nevertheless, Flight Lieutenant Chatten was determined to complete the task for which he had flown so far.  In the face of much anti-aircraft fire, and an attack by yet another fighter, he executed a successful bombing run and afterwards flew the damaged aircraft to this country.  This officer displayed skill, gallantry and devotion to duty of the highest order.

COLLIER, John David Drought DFC Act WC 39037 RAFVR  LG  6.11.42

JOHNSON, Peter Warren DFC AFC Act GC  29141  RAFO  LG  26.10.45 – This officer has been in command of his Squadron since November 1944 during which time the Squadron has been employed on Path Finder duties.  Since the award of the DFC he has captained an aircraft on 16 sorties.  The work which Group Captain Johnson has accomplished in the air against the enemy has largely contributed to the successful completion of many missions and has set an inspiring example to the other crews in his Squadron.  He has followed up this excellent leadership in the air by displaying similar qualities on the ground, sparing no effort to bringing his Squadron up to its present high standard of operational efficiency. 

JONES, Graham Danson DFC WC  37265  LG  27.7.43 – This officer has displayed inspiring leadership, great skill and unflagging devotion to duty which has been reflected in the many successes obtained by the Squadron he commands.  Wing Commander Jones has successfully undertaken numerous hazardous sorties.

LOCKE, Harry Baker DFC Act SL  Aus401980  RAAF  LG  17.10.44 – Squadron Leader Locke has completed a large number of sorties and has displayed a high degree of skill and courage.  One night in August 1944 he was detailed for a minelaying mission.  The defences were strong and many searchlights were directed on Squadron Leader Locke’s aircraft.  Undeterred he commenced his run and accurately placed his mines.  This officer has displayed a marked degree of coolness and fortitude and on several occasions he has remained in the vicinity of the target area in the face of heavy enemy defences for a long period of time.  His consistent good work has been most praiseworthy.

MASON, Walter Millis DFC Act WC  115986  RAFVR  LG  26.10.45 – Since the award of the DFC this officer has completed a second tour of operational duty.  He is a leader of outstanding ability whose high sense of duty and magnificent example have been potent factors in ensuring the success of the many operations completed by his flight.  As a Navigator Wing Commander Mason has consistently displayed exceptional skill and determination.  One one occasion in March 1945, despite very adverse weather he brought his aircraft to the target, a German oil target at Bohlen, exactly on time.  In the face of intense enemy opposition the target indicator was correctly placed and a successful attack completed.

OWEN, Charles Blundell DFC Act SL  109489  RAFVR  LG  15.12.44 – This officer has completed a very large number of sorties including 11 attacks on the German capital.  Within recent months, Squadron Leader Owen has taken part in numerous attacks on dangerous and difficult targets.  By his appreciation of the responsibilities entrusted to him, his great skill and cool courage, he has contributed in a large way to the success obtained.

PARKES, Stuart Martin Parkeshouse Act SL  114010  RAFVR  LG  17.10.44 – One night in August 1944  Squadron Leader Parkes was detailed to lay mines in enemy waters.  In the face of powerful defences and being illuminated by searchlights, this officer flew his aircraft accurately down the length of the channel and placed his mines in the correct position.  During the run his aircraft was hit and severely damaged by fire from the ground defences.  Despite this Squadron Leader Parkes remained in the vicinity of the target area for some 20 minutes and then flew his damaged aircraft safely home.  His unswerving determination, courage and skill in the face of powerful defences, largely contributed to the success of the operation.  Squadron Leader Parkes has completed very many operations and his devotion to duty has been unfailing.

PENMAN, David Jackson DFC FL 40343 RAFVR  LG 28.4.42 –  (Group citation of one award of the DSO, eight DFCs and 10 DFMs) – On 17th April 1942 a force of twelve Lancaster heavy bombers was detailed to deliver an attack in daylight on the diesel engine factory at Augsburg in Southern Germany.   To reach this highly important military target and return, a most daring flight of some 1000 miles over hostile country was necessary.  Soon after entering enemy territory and whilst flying at very low level the force was engaged by 25 to 30 enemy fighters.  Later, the most intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire was encountered.  Despite this formidable opposition eight of the bombers succeeded in reaching the target and in delivering a successful attack on the factory.  The following officers and airmen who participated, in various capacities, as members of the aircraft crews, displayed courage, fortitude and skill of the highest order.

RODLEY, Edward Ernest DFC Act SL 61472 RAFVR  LG 30.11.43 – Squadron Leader Rodley has displayed great courage, skill and resource throughout his tour of operations.  He has completed a very large number of sorties, involving attacks on industrial centres in the Ruhr and many other important targets.  He has displayed outstanding devotion to duty and his example has inspired all.

SAUVAGE, Joseph Henry Jean DFC Act SL 43045  RAFO  LG 30.11.43 – Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Squadron Leader Sauvage has participated in numerous sorties, including three attacks on Berlin.  He is highly skilled and a determined pilot, whose gallant efforts have contributed materially to the successes obtained.  Squadron Leader Sauvage is a great leader whose example has proved a source of inspiration.

SHERWOOD, John Seymour DFC SL  39132  RAF  LG  30.6.42 – On 17th April 1942 Squadron Leader Sherwood was the leader of one of two formations of 6 Lancasters detailed to deliver a low level attack in daylight on the diesel engine factory at Augsburg.  He led the formation at very low level across 600 miles of enemy territory.  On approaching the target heavy and accurate anti-aircraft fire was encountered.  Nevertheless, showing fine daring and coolness Squadron Leader Sherwood pressed home the attack at a very low level scoring hits on the factory with his bombs.  His aircraft was then hit by anti-aircraft fire and set alight.  He continued, however, to lead his section away from the target until his aircraft became uncontrollable.  By his extreme devotion to duty Squadron Leader Sherwood contributed much towards the success of the operation and continued his daring leadership until his aircraft could no longer be flown.  His conspicuous bravery on this occasion crowned a long and distinguished career in the service of his country.

SIMPSON, John DFC Act WC 60796  RAFVR  LG  29.8.44 – Wing Commander Simpson has displayed rare qualities of skill, bravery and devotion to duty.  He has completed a very large number of sorties, most of them against well defended targets important to the enemy’s war effort.  His skill and determination throughout have earned him much success.

WATT, Jack DFC Act FL  173446  RAFVR  LG 26.10.45 – Acting Flight Lieutenant Watt commenced operational flying in November 1940 and since then he has taken part in a large number of sorties, including numerous attacks against many of the major and most heavily defended industrial targets in Germany.  More recently he has been Navigator in a crew engaged on particularly responsible operational tasks.  In April 1945 this officer was detailed for an attack against the railway sidings at Cham in Czechoslovakia.  The target was very small and it was mainly owing to Flight Lieutenant Watt’s skilful navigation that the mission was successfully accomplished.  This officer has proved to be an excellent leader who, by his skill and courage, has inspired confidence in all the crews with whom he has flown.

WISHART, William Geoffrey DFC Act SL 147583  RAFVR  LG 6.3.45 – This officer has now participated in a very large number of sorties, including 11 attacks against Berlin and others against strongly defended targets in the Ruhr area; Squadron Leader Wishart has also flown with distinction against such far distant targets as Peenemunde, Danzig and Gdynia.  He has at all times displayed a high degree of skill, courage and determination, setting an example which has impressed all.  In January 1945 Squadron Leader Wishart took part in an attack against the Dortmund-Ems Canal and his outstanding ability as navigator contributed materially to the success obtained.  


Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

ROLFE, Charles Edward A/FL (now A/SL) 45635  LG 1.1.43



Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

ABERNETHY, Harold Ralph Gibson WO 1140272 RAFVR  LG 16.11.45

ADAMS, Ernest Allan FO C/J9584 RCAF  LG 12.11.43

ALABASTER, Robert Clifford DFC A/WC 81065 RAFVR  Bar to DFC  LG 30.7.43  Joint citation with FL 61030 A.E.Clarke (awarded DFC) – One night in July 1943 Wing Commander Alabaster was captain and navigator of an aircraft piloted by Flight Lieutenant Clarke detailed to attack Cologne.  Some 50 miles from the target the bomber was attacked by an enemy fighter.  Before it could be evaded the aircraft was repeatedly hit.  One engine was damaged, other structural essentials almost shot away, while the rear gunner was wounded and his turret rendered unserviceable.  The bomber became difficult to control but, despite this, course was re-set for the target which was attacked successfully.  On the return flight shortly after crossing the enemy coast, the damaged engine caught fire and could not be extinguished but Flight Lieutenant Clarke flew on to the nearest airfield to effect a masterly landing.  This pilot displayed outstanding skill and tenacity while Wing Commander Alabaster’s high navigational skill and excellent captaincy proved a valuable contriibution to the success of the operation.

ALLAN, Robert Victor FL 80121 RAFVR  LG 13.4.45

ANDERSON, Peter Murray PO C/J16379 RCAF  LG 26.3.43 – This officer has completed a large number of sorties, including 7 attacks on targets in Italy.  He has always displayed great courage and skill.  One night in February 1943, he completed a successful attack on Lorient in difficult circumstances.  Three nights later, he flew with great distinction in an attack on the same target.

AVELINE, Anthony Albert PO 175074 RAFVR  LG 12.12.44

BAKER, Geoffrey Francis DFC A/FL Aus 412356 RAAF  Bar to DFC  LG 22.8.43  Joint citation with FO 158472 A.H.Jones (awarded DFC) and WO 77895 R.M.Clark (awarded DFC) – Flying Officer Jones and Warrant Officer Clark were mid upper and rear gunners respectively of an aircraft piloted by Flight Lieutenant Baker detailed to attack Prouville.  Whilst over the target the aircraft was illuminated in a concentration of searchlights.  At that moment Warrant Officer Clark sighted a Junkers 88 closing in.  He promptly warned his pilot who manoevered to a good position.  These gunners were then able to bring their guns to bear with good effect.  Following their accurate burts of fire the enemy aircraft caught fire and fell to the ground.  Almost immediately another enemy aircraft closed in but excellent cooperation between Flight Lieutenant Baker and his gunners frustrated the attacker which was finally shot down.  A third fighter then took up the attack but it was driven off.  In these determined fights, Flight Lieutenant Baker and his gunners displayed great skill, coolness and resolution.

BALLANTYNE, Peter Bruce FO 112532 RAFVR  LG 18.5.43

BARROWMAN, Archibald McArthur WO C/R147703 RCAF  LG 2.6.44

BARTHOLOMEW,John Arthur PO 53826 RAF (since deceased) LG 23.5.44

BATHO, George Ivan A/WO 649071 RAFVR  LG 20.2.45

BELL, James Kingsley PO 173543 RAFVR  LG 18.8.44  3827

BENNETT, Herbert William WO (now PO) 561480 RAF  LG 15.6.43

 BENTON, William Henry A/FL 146974 RAFVR  LG 15.8.44

 BERRIDGE, Bernard Herbert DFM A/FL 128555 RAFVR  LG 12.11.43

 BILLING, James Pymar FO 147744 RAFVR  LG 11.2.44

 BILLINGTON, John Lodge FL 130226 RAFVR  LG 23.3.45

 BLAIR, John Edward DFM A/FL 136172 RAFVR  LG 12.11.43

 BLAKEMAN, Herbert Stanley DFM A/FL 44931 RAF  LG 4.8.42

BODDINGTON, Robert Anthony A/FL 104534 RAFVR  LG 31.7.42  Group citation of one award of the DSO, six awards of the DFC and six awards of the DFM – On 11th July 1942 a force of bombers was detailed to make an attack on the submarine works at Danzig.  The operation, which necessitated a high degree of skill and fortitude, was undertaken in extremely adverse weather.  Despite this, the objective was reached by dusk, carefully identified and, in the face of strong opposition from the ground defences, subjected to a most determined attack.  Bombs were released at varying heights, some as low as 1,000 feet.  Many hits were obtained.  Searchlight posts were also machine-gunned and many searchlights extinguished.  The success achieved reflects the greatest credit on the following personnel who participated in various capacities as leaders and members of aircraft crews.  (Awarded Bar to DFC with 635 Squadron).

BONE, Peter Osborne A/WO 125173 RAFVR  LG 16.11.43

BOOTH, Leslie William Norman FO 145299 RAFVR  LG 11.2.44 (Awarded Bar to DFC with 582 SquadronLG 16.2.45).

BORTHWICK, George William Syme A/FL 132740 RAFVR  LG 11.2.44

 BOULTBEE Anthony Peter PO A415500 RAAF  LG 17.11.44

 BOWES Donald  A/FL 134687 RAFVR  LG 30.6.44

 BOYD, Alexander Gardiner FO 53639 RAF  LG 8.5.45 (awef 1.12.43)


 BRADFORD, John Dennis PO 156591 RAFVR (since deceased)  LG 10.4.45 (awef 23.9.43)

BRANTINGHAM, George Frederick PO 145358 RAFVR  LG 14.9.43 (awarded Bar to DFC with 159 Squadron  LG 20.7.45).

BRIANT, Neville James FO 106371 RAFVR  LG 27.7.43  3383 (deceased) (awef 14.9.42)

BRIDGMAN, Michael Joseph PO A408902 RAAF  LG 17.10.44

 BROOME Frank Patrick L’Ermitte A/FL 143394 RAFVR  LG 14.11.44

 BROUGHTON, Douglas Edward PO 179389 RAFVR  LG 20.2.45

 BROWN, Kennedy A/FL 153450 RAFVR  LG 21.9.45

BRYAN-SMITH, Martin A/SL 97103 RAFVR  Bar to DFC  LG 21.12.45 (since deceased) (awef 4.6.44) (won DFC with 38 Squadron LG 8.4.41)

BRYSON, Howard WO  C/R110822 RCAF  LG 16.11.43

 BURBRIDGE, Frank Peter A/FL  126016 RAFVR  LG 7.12.43

BURNS, Kenneth Holstead DFC SL 40340 RAFO  Bar to DFC  LG 8.6.43  – One night in May 1943 this officer captained an aircraft detailed to attack Dortmund.  Although on the outward flight, one engine in the aircraft became unserviceable, Squadron Leader Burns continued to the target and bombed it.  A few nights later, he took part in an attack on a target in Czechoslovakia.  Whilst still some 200 miles from the target his aircraft was hit by AA fire.  The airspeed indicator was rendered unserviceable but Squadron Leader Burns flew on to the target where he executed a vigorous attack.  On both occasions, this officer displayed great skill and determination.
(awarded DFC with 61 Squadron  LG 16.2.43)

BURT, Douglas Walter PO 155173 RAFVR  LG 16.11.43

 BUSHBY, James Harry WO 1451325 RAFVR  LG 16.11.45 (awef 21.3.45)

BUTLER, Edward Robert PO 107923 RAFVR  LG 6.11.42; Bar to DFC  LG 20.11.42 (as FO) – As navigator Flying Officer Butler has taken part in many successful sorties against the most heavily defended areas in Germany, including the daylight attack on Augsburg.  Recently he participated in the daylight attacks on Le Creusot and Milan and a night attack on Genoa.  His navigational standard has always been exceptional whilst his keenness and courage have materially assisted in the successes achieved by his squadron.

CAMPBELL, Thomas A/FL  C/J22909 RCAF  LG 14.11.44; A/SL Bar to DFC  LG 21.9.45

 CANEVER, Richard Bampton A/FL 176453 RAFVR  LG 16.1.45; A/SL Bar to DFC  LG 21.9.45

 CANHAM, John Lorimer Neville WO (now FO) 581438 RAF  LG 15.6.43

 CARLTON, Arthur Ernest A/FL 130876 RAFVR  LG 19.5.44

 CARVELL, George Allen WO 1322753 RAFVR  LG 19.1.45

 CAWDERY, Eric Frank A/SL 40671 RAFO  LG 21.4.44; Bar to DFC  LG 15.8.44

 CHAMBERS, Albert DFC FL 113350 RAFVR  Bar to DFC   LG 25.1.46 (since deceased) (awef 5.6.44)

 CHANDLER, Frederick William Winslow A/FL 116207 RAFVR  LG 12.11.43

 CHAPMAN, John Randall WO 2cl  C/R85522 RCAF  LG 21.12.45 (awef 9.5.44)

 CHATTEN, Clifford Stanley DSO A/FL 149529 RAFVR  LG 27.6.44

 CHETHAM, Charles Ewart Tremenheere A/FL 122982 RAFVR  LG 23.5.44

 CLARK, Robert Mayo WO 77895 RAFVR  LG 22.8.44 – joint citation with A/FL G.F.Baker and FO A.H.Jones (see G.F.Baker).

CLARKE, Alfred Eaton FL 61030 RAFVR  LG 30.7.43  3439 - joint citation with A/WC R.C.Alabaster (see R.C.Alabaster).

 CLAYFIELD, William Edward A/FL 149924 RAFVR  LG 16.1.45

 CLAYTON, Peter Frederick A/FL 122931 RAFVR  LG 15.10.43

 COHN, Edward Laurence PO 147915 RAFVR  LG 19.10.43

COMANS, James Leopold Vincent A/FL A413349 RAAF  LG 30.6.44; Bar to DFC  LG 13.10.44

CONLEY, Ronald John A/FL A425606 RAAF  LG 30.6.44

 COOK, Kenneth Howell Hill A/FL 151017 RAFVR  LG 30.6.44

 COOPER, Wilfred Gordon FO 132957 RAFVR  LG 11.2.44: A/FL Bar to DFC  LG 16.1.45

 COTON, Elmer SL 70851 RAFVR  LG 31.7.42 - (see citation for R.A.Boddington); Bar to DFC  LG 12.3.43

 COVINGTON, Wallace Ian A/FL 119537 RAFVR  LG 9.7.43

 CRAIG, James FO  C/J21466 RCAF  LG 2.6.44

 CRAVEN, Ernest PO 188977 RAFVR  LG 25.9.45

 CROLL, Alexander James DFM WO  A406774 RAAF  LG 12.12.44

CUELENAERE, Marcel Edmund Charles PO C/J16384 RCAF  LG 15.6.43  (Bar to DFC with 630 Squadron LG 4.12.45)

CULLINANE, Maurice Damien WO  NZ402856  RNZAF  LG 29.12.42

 CURTIS, Robert Douglas WO  C/R 92557 RCAF  LG 27.6.44

 CUTTING, Paul Mitchell A/FL 116589 RAFVR  LG 13.8.43

 DANIELS, Horace Frazer A/WO 1078994 RAFVR  LG 19.10.43

 DAWKINS, Frank Oliver Archibald WO 911525 RAFVR  LG 8.5.45 (awef 1.12.43)

 DAWSON, Stephen Rayner DFM A/FL 142531 RAFVR  LG 11.2.44

DEVERILL, Ernest Alfred DFM PO 45546 RAF  LG 28.4.42 – Group citation of one award of the DSO, eight DFC’s and 10 DFM’s – On 17th April 1942 a force of twelve Lancaster heavy bombers was detailed to deliver an attack in daylight on the diesel engine factory at Augsburg in Southern Germany.  To reach this highly important military target and return, a most daring flight of some 1000 miles over hostile country was necessary.  Soon after entering enemy territory and whilst flying at a very low level the force was engaged by 25 to 30 enemy fighters.  Later, the most intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire was encountered.  Despite this formidable opposition eight of the bombers succeeded in reaching the target and in delivering a successful attack on the factory.  The following officers and airmen who participated, in various capacities, as members of the aircraft crews, displayed courage, fortitude and skill of the highest order ;
A/FL DFC DFM – Bar to DFC  LG 20.11.42 – Since being awarded the DFC, this officer has taken part in thirty sorties, including many attacks on targets in the Ruhr area.  In the daylight attack on the transformer station near Le Cruesot, Flight Lieutenant Deverill bombed his objective from a height of 500 feet.  He also participated in the recent raids on Milan and Genoa.  This officer has invariably endeavoured to press home his attacks with great vigour.

DE WESSELOW, Charles Peter Craufurd A/FL 114160 RAFVR  LG 7.12.43 ; A/SL Bar to DFC  LG 6.6.44

 DOBBIE, Jessie Wood Harry FO 151598 RAFVR  LG 16.2.45

 DOLBY, Earle George PO C/J17608 RCAF  LG 17.8.43

 DORAN, William Raisbeck PO 177745 RAFVR  LG 17.11.44

 DORWARD, Leslie Clement FO A/404174 RAAF  LG 27.7.43 (deceased) (awef 14.9.42)

 DOW, John Paton DFM PO 172939 RAFVR  LG 18.8.44

 DRANE, Peter James A/FL 149531 RAFVR  LG 15.8.44

 DUGDALE, Joseph SL 39071 RAFO  LG 29.5.42 – This officer has completed numerous operational missions, including two attacks by night on the German naval base at Trondheim in April 1942.  On the latter occasion, he commanded a formation of bombers and he played a large part in the success achieved.  Recently he successfully carried out a minelaying mission in extremely unfavourable weather.  This officer has performed excellent work and has contributed materially to the high standard and efficiency of his flight.

DUNNICLIFFE, Charles McKenzie A/WC 49010 RAF  LG 11.2.44

 EASSON, Ronald A/FL A420166 RAAF  LG 20.6.44

 EATON, Charles William A/FL 175196 RAFVR  LG 16.2.45; Bar to DFC 4.12.45

 EDMUNDS, George Owen WO 1238945 RAFVR  LG 19.1.45

 FALLS, Franklin Meredith PO C/J15734 RCAF  LG 20.11.42 – As captain of aircraft, this officer has taken part in many attacks on the Ruhr and other targets in Germany, including a low level attack on Danzig.  Recently he participated in the daylight attacks on Le Creusot and Milan and one of the night attacks on Genoa.  On each occasion he pressed home the attack with great determination. (Bar to DFC as A/SL 83 Squadron  LG 21.9.45).

FINDLAY, James Bruce WO C/R96333 RCAF  LG 27.6.44 and 18.8.44 (as PO C/J85664  635 Squadron)

FLETCHER, Robert Archie DFM A/FL 125317 RAFVR  LG 15.10.43

 FLOWERDAY, Albert Edward WO 755477 RAFVR  LG 16.11.43

 FOSTER, Kenneth Jack DFC A/SL 77915 RAFVR  Bar to DFC  LG 10.4.45  (since deceased) (awef 23.9.43) (won DFC with 51 Squadron  LG 18.7.41).

FRESSON, Noel Holroyde GC RAF  LG 22.10.43 – One night in October 1943 this officer captained an aircraft detailed for an operation against Hagen.  Before reaching the target, the aircraft was hit by fire from the ground defences.  Two engines were damaged, one of them becoming completely unserviceable, the rear turret was damaged, while the lighting system failed.  In spite of this Group Captain Fresson continued to the target and bombed it.  This officer has completed many sorties and has displayed inspiring leadership, great skill and determination.

FRIPP, Wilfred Alfred PO 184807 RAFVR  LG 27.3.45

GARLICK, John Munroe DFC A/SL 45425 RAF  Bar to DFC  LG 8.5.45  (since deceased) (awef 1.12.43) (won DFC with 12 Squadron  LG 11.8.42).

GEE, Wilbur Thomas A/FL  C/J19209 RCAF  LG 13.10.44

 GREEN, Francis Harold WO A410484 RAAF  LG 12.12.44

 HAGGERSTON, Herbert Ward A/FL 136876 RAFVR  LG 16.1.45

HALLAM, Percy Desborough FO 104536 RAFVR  LG 14.5.43 (Bar to DFC as A/SL with 582 Squadron  LG 22.5.45).

HALLOWS, Brian Roger Wakefield FL 77787 RAFVR  LG 28.4.42 – see E.A.Deverill citation

HALSEY, William Alfred A/WO 1380248 RAFVR  LG 19.10.43

 HAMILTON, George Albert A/FL 55089 RAF  LG 16.11.45

 HAMILTON, Ian A/FL 147641 RAFVR  LG 23.3.45

 HANNAH, John Laing A/WO 1121256 RAFVR  LG 16.11.43

 HANNAH, William FO 155897 RAFVR  LG 29.6.45 (since deceased) (awef 20.7.44)

 HANSEN, Edwin Harold WO A415648 RAAF  LG 17.11.44

 HARRISON, Frank Howe DFM FL 148805 RAFVR  LG 6.11.45

 HARTHILL, Benjamin WO 1124909 RAFVR  LG 27.3.45

 HARVEY, William PO 176660  RAFVR  LG 19.1.45

 HATCH, Maurice Edward A/FL 137372 RAFVR  LG 23.3.45

 HENDRY, Frederick William Arthur A/FL 156461 RAFVR  LG 17.7.45

 HEWARD, Anthony Wilkinson DFC AFC A/WC  39044 RAF  Bar to DFC  LG 30.3.45 – This officer has completed numerous sorties since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and throughout has set a fine example of determination and devotion to duty.  He is a highly successful squadron commander whose exceptional skill, great drive and untiring efforts have been well reflected in the high standards of efficiency of the squadron which has achieved much success. (DFC with 50 Sqn LG 18.4.44).

HITCHCOCK, Harold Arthur DFC A/FL 120853 RAFVR  Bar to DFC  LG 12.11.43 ( DFC with 408 Sqn as PO LG 22.9.42  4113).

HODKINSON Thomas A/FL 121245 RAFVR  LG 12.11.43

 HOOEY, Gilbert Campbell PO 65525 RAFVR  LG 28.4.42 – Group Citation (see Deverill).

HOOTON, George Douglas PO 178826 RAFVR LG 19.9.44

 HOWE, Charles William PO 177645 RAFVR LG 17.11.44

 HUGHES,Francis Everard PO Aus419015 RAAF LG 20.2.45; Bar to DFC LG 26.10.45

 HUMPHREYS, John Peter FO 147895 RAFVR LG 8.12.44

 HYDE, Leonard Victor A/FL 149552 RAFVR LG 2.6.44

 IFOULD, Edward Lister PO Aus402278 RAAF LG 28.4.42 – Group Citation (See Deverill). (Bar to DFC with 109 Sqn LG 29.1.43).

JAMES, Thomas Flavell Arthur A/FL C/J89845 RCAF LG 4.12.45

 JOHNSON, Gerard Stanfield DFC FL 50002 RAF Bar to DFC LG 22.5.45 (since deceased). (DFC with 57 Sqn as FO LG 2.6.44 2536).

 JOLLEY, Kenroy Arthur A/WO Aus416967 RAAF LG 2.6.44

 JONES, Albert Henry FO 158742 RAFVR LG 22.8.44 – Joint citation with A/FL G.F.Baker and WO R.M.Clark (see Baker).

JONES, Douglas Ivor PO 145857 RAFVR LG 13.7.43

 JONES, Leonard Cyril A/FL 138589 RAFVR LG 2.6.44

 KEIR, Charles Davie FO 63792 RAFVR LG 12.1.43

 KIRKWOOD-HACKETT, Walter Bonar  FO 108036 RAFVR LG 18.5.43

 KNOWLES, William Douglas FO 172927 RAFVR LG 14.11.44

 LACY, Clement William PO Aus421736 RAAF LG 19.9.44

 LAING, George Henderson DFC A/FL C/J22778 RCAF  Bar to DFC LG 8.12.44(DFC with 57 Sqn LG 15.2.44).

 LANCEY, George William PO C/J15596 RCAF LG 15.6.43

 LANGWORTHY, Walter Dinnathorne PO Aus408157 RAAF LG 14.5.43

 LASHAM, Robert Leslie Cecil FO 161609 RAFVR LG 15.9.44; A/FL Bar to DFC LG 16.2.45

 LAYNE, Walter Henry A/WO 963102 RAFVR LG 19.10.43

 LEAK, Thomas William Leslie PO 172951 RAFVR LG 17.10.44

 LENNOX, Joseph PO 137443 RAFVR LG 14.5.43

LINDSAY, Brian Benjamin A/FO Aus420216 RAAF LG 6.10.44 4584 – In August 1944 this officer piloted an aircraft of a bomber formation detailed to attack an airfield in occupied territory in daylight.  During the operation the aircraft was subjected to anti-aircraft fire.  The port outer engine became defective and the propeller had to be feathered.  The port inner engine caught fire and much height was lost as the flames were being put out.  Flying Officer Lindsay regained control, however, and a course was set for home.  When crossing the enemy coast, the port inner engine again burst into flames.  When over the sea it was obvious that the aircraft could no longer be flown.  Nevertheless, Flying Officer brought it down safely on to the water.  The crew got aboard the dinghy from which they were later rescued.  Throughout, Flying Officer Lindsay displayed fine leadership, high courage and great determination.

LINTOTT, Leslie A/FL 139305 RAFVR LG 19.5.44

 LUSH, Frederick George Gilbert FO 116914 RAFVR LG 18.5.43

 MACKENZIE, Donald Forbes FL 82671 RAFVR LG 12.11.43

 MACKID, John Goodsir FL 41042 RAF LG 23.1.42 – Joint citation with SL 39132 J.S.Sherwood DFC (awarded 1st Bar to DFC) – In December 1941 Squadron Leader Sherwood and Flight Lieutenant Mackid participated as leaders of formations of aircraft in a daylight attack on the battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at Brest.  Extremely heavy and accurate anti-aircraft fire and opposition from enemy fighters was encountered but, although Squadron Leader Sherwood’s aircraft was hit several times by shellfire, he skilfully kept his formation together and finally an accurate run was made over the target.  Flight Lieutenant Mackid admirably supported Squadron Leader Sherwood and pressed home a successful attack with great determination.  Throughout the operation, which demanded a high degree of skill and courage, both these officers played a conspicuous part and contributed materially to the success obtained.

MAKEPEACE, Thomas Henry FL 106549 RAFVR LG 15.9.44; Bar to DFC A/SL LG 8.12.44

 MALTBY, David John Hatfield FO 60335 RAFVR LG 11.8.42

 MAXWELL, Joseph John Horace WO1 C1 (now PO) C/R162983 RCAF LG 17.11.44

 McCARTHY, Joseph Charles FO C/J9346 RCAF LG 14.5.43 (DSO and Bar to DFC with 617 Sqn LG 28.4.44).

McCRACKEN, Alexander FO 175860 RAFVR LG 19.1.45

 McKINNA, Robert Alexander DFC A/SL 69440 RAFVR Bar to DFC LG 10.4.45 (since deceased) (awef 23.9.43) (DFC with 156 Sqn as FO LG 12.3.43).

McLEISH, James Campbell PO 170615 RAFVR LG 2.6.44

 MILLER, Charles William FL 36270 RAF LG 27.7.43 (deceased) (awef 10.7.42)

MOIR, Geoffrey Douglas A/WO 1320071 RAFVR LG 12.12.44; Bar to DFC FO 185316 RAFVR LG 21.9.45

 MOLLISON, John A/FL 179808 RAFVR LG 17.7.45

 MONTGOMERY, Donald Allen PO C/J18042 RCAF LG 19.10.43

 MOODIE, Duncan McNaught FO C/J12811 RCAF LG 16.11.43

 MUCKART, Grant WO 549273 RAF LG 15.2.44

 MULLER, John Warwick A/FL Aus416448 RAAF LG 13.10.44

 MUNRO, James Francis PO C/J17499 RCAF LG 14.7.43

 MUNRO John Leslie FL NZ413942 RNZAF LG 11.6.43

 MURPHY, Robert Basil Gray FO Aus402574 RAAF LG 12.3.43

 MYCOCK, Thomas James A/WO 754674 RAFVR LG 27.1.42 – One night in January 1942, Warrant Officer Mycock was the captain of an aircraft which carried out a low level attack on the battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at Brest.  The task demanded a high degree of skill and initiative and, although the night was extremely dark, Warrant Officer Mycock finally approached the target in the desired direction.  In spite of heavy opposition from the enemy’s defences, a daring and determined attack was made from a height of only 500 feet.  This non-commissioned officer has at all times performed his operational tasks with great keenness and enthusiasm.

NEDWICH, John Walter PO Aus420904 RAAF LG 17.10.44

 NELSON, Randolph Murray PO 146304 RAFVR LG 10.12.43; Bar to DFC A/FL LG 15.8.44

 NICHOLLS, John Harold A/FL Aus403147 RAAF LG 2.6.44

 NIND, Eric Francis A/WC 39751 RAFO LG 15.10.43

 NOON, Thomas William Joseph A/FL Aus426668 RAAF LG 16.11.45

 NUNN, John Leslie FL 74685 RAFVR LG 16.3.43 (awef 9.9.42)

 ORMISTON, Robert Robb PO 175913 RAFVR 54 (Base) att’d 97 Squadron LG 22.9.44 – Joint citation with A/WC 40777 J.Woodroffe (awarded DFC) – One night in July 1944 these officers were captain (Woodroffe) and air bomber (Ormiston) in an aircraft detailed to attack Givors.  The operation called for a high degree of skill.  En route bad weather was encountered.  Nevertheless Wing Commander Woodroffe reached his difficult target at the prescribed time.  By now the weather had considerably worsened.  Undeterred, Wing Commander Woodroffe persisted in his efforts to identify the precise target and in the face of the most trying conditions, executed a successful attack.  Throughout Pilot Officer Ormiston displayed the highest standard of efficiency and played his part worthily in the success obtained.  These officers set an example of courage and resolution of the highest standard.
FO Bar to DFC 97 Sqn LG 4.12.45

OWEN, Charles Blundell A/SL 109489 RAFVR LG 15.8.44

 PALMER, Eric Hewett A/FL 138398 RAFVR LG 2.6.44

 PARKER, Noel Norman A/FL Aus413240 RAAF LG 8.12.44; A/SL Bar to DFC LG 22.5.45

 PARKER, Ronald Douglas Holbrook A/FL 132535 RAFVR LG 13.10.44

 PARKER, Wilfred WO 1237067 RAFVR LG 21.4.44

 PEARCE, Gordon WO 1003975 RAFVR LG 16.11.43


 PEARCE, James Alan FO NZ411097 RNZAF LG 12.12.44

 PEARSON, John Andrew FO 170882 RAFVR LG 13.10.44

 PEARSON, William Edgar FL C/J21611 RCAF LG 12.2.46 (awef 28.8.44)

 PEDEN, John  A/FL C/J20909 RCAF  LG 14.11.44

 PELLETIER, Jeffrey William DFC A/SL Aus400483 RAAF Bar to DFC LG 6.6.44(DFC with 148 Sqn LG 4.12.42)

PEPPER, Albert Philip Wright FO 130267 RAFVR LG 7.12.43

 POLSON, Gerald Harcourt Rawlings DFM A/FL 138419 RAFVR LG 6.6.44; A/FL Bar to DFC LG 8.12.44  (DFM as Sgt with 57 Sqn LG 5.8.41)

POOLE, Alfred Raymond PO 129193 RAFVR LG 26.3.43 1414 – Pilot Officer Poole is an air gunner of high merit.  He has taken part in a large number of operational flights including many in the Middle East.  On one occasion he was forced to abandon his aircraft over the desert.  Four days later he was picked up by an army patrol.  Pilot Officer Poole took part in the raids on the Ruhr and Bremen when 1000 of our bombers operated; he has also flown on three attacks against Berlin.  His skill and courage have been of the highest order.

QUINN, Reynold Norman PO C/J16157 RCAF LG 14.5.43 (Bar to DFC as A/SL RAF Station Skellingthorpe LG 8.12.44).

RAVENSCROFT, Ian Edward A/FL C/J26709 RCAF LG 23.3.45

 RAYNER, John FO 186433 RAFVR LG 20.7.45

 REFFIN, William Arthur FO 172936 RAFVR LG 14.11.44

 REID, William Mitchell FL 126855 RAFVR LG 15.9.44 4271; A/SL Bar to DFC LG 16.1.45

 RICHES, Wilfrid Cyril A/FL 121448 RAFVR LG 7.1.44 – Flight Lieutenant Riches has completed many operational missions against the enemy’s most important objectives.  He is a most reliable captain of aircraft.  One night in November 1943 he was detailed for a leading role in the attack on Berlin.  During the approach to the target, the bomber was repeatedly hit by anti-aircraft fire which caused the port inner engine to catch alight.  Nevertheless, Flight Lieutenant Riches continued to his objective and completed an accurate attack.  During the return flight, after flying for almost two hours on three engines, the bomber’s starboard outer engine failed.  Owing to his great skill this officer succeeded in reaching base where he made a safe landing.  Flight Lieutenant Riches has displayed courage and resolution of the highest order.  (Bar to DFC FL with 635 Sqn LG 8.5.45 [since deceased] awef 6.7.44).


ROBERTS, Frank James A/FL 149622 RAFVR LG 11.2.44

 ROBERTS, Harold Frederick A/FL Aus418467 RAAF LG 17.7.45

 ROBERTS, Peter John Salloway PO 52701 RAF LG 10.12.43

 ROBERTSON, Oliver Brook A/FL C/J10302 RCAF LG 17.8.43 – One night in July 1943 this officer piloted an aircraft detailed to attack Hamburg.  When about to commence his bombing run one engine caught fire, while one of the wings was set alight.  Almost immediately the bomber was illuminated by the searchlights.  In spite of this, Flight Lieutenant Robertson pressed home his attack and afterwards flew the damaged bomber to this country.  This officer displayed great courage and resolution in the face of harassing circumstances.

RODLEY, Ernest Edward A/FO 61472 RAFVR LG 28.4.42 – Group citation (see Deverill).  A/SL Bar to DFC LG 17.8.43 – Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, this officer has taken part in very many sorties and throughout has made every endeavour to press home his attacks with accuracy and vigour.  On one occasion he took part in an attack on Friedrichshafen.  In spite of heavy and concentrated anti-aircraft fire, Squadron Leader Rodley accomplished his task successfully.  On the way to North Africa, en route from the target, an explosion occurred in the aircraft, causing much damage.  Nevertheless, Squadron Leader Rodley accomplished the journey and safely landed his aircraft.  This officer has invariably displayed great courage and resolution.

ROGERS, William Graham A/SL RAFVR LG 16.1.45

 ROGERSON, John Inshaw A/FL 147714 RAFVR LG 15.9.44

 ROWLANDS, Desmond Harold PO 122998 RAFVR LG 29.12.42

 RUMBLES, Francis Grant FO 120350 RAFVR LG 15.6.43. (Bar to DFC  as A/SL with 617 Sqn LG 13.10.44).

RUSBRIDGE, Robert Maxwell PO 195523 RAFVR LG 25.9.45

 RYAN, William Patrick FO Aus409242 RAAF LG 25.9.45

 RYDER, Albert Edward FO 135918 RAFVR LG 20.2.45

 SABINE, Charles William Leslie A/FL Aus426165 RAAF LG 21.9.45

 SAUVAGE, Joseph Henri James DFC FL 43045 RAF Bar to DFC LG 17.8.43 – This officer has taken part in a large number of ops during which many important and well defended targets have been attacked successfully.  In June 1943 Flight Lieutenant Sauvage participated in an operation against Friedrichshafen.  Whilst over the target area his aircraft was extensively damaged by fire from the ground defences but he flew on to North Africa as planned and made a safe landing at an airfield there.  His work on this occasion was typical of the determination he has invariably displayed. (DFC with 44 Sqn as FO LG 13.2.42 710).

SAYNER, James Joseph FO 145820 RAFVR LG 11.2.44

 SCHOLEFIELD, Thomas Newton A/FL Aus421410 RAAF LG 16.2.45; A/SL Bar to DFC LG 16.11.45

 SHEARWOOD, Benjamin Frederick WO 615667 RAFVR LG 25.5.45

 SHERRING, Charles Chichelle A/SL 78282 RAFVR LG 16.1.45

 SHERWOOD, John Seymour DFC SL 39132 RAF.  Bar to DFC LG 23.1.42  – Joint citation  (see Mackid). (DFC as FL with 144 Sqn LG 7.3.41).

SHIRES, Cecil William FO 135039 RAFVR LG 19.9.44

 SHORTER, Derek Harry A/FL 170432 RAFVR LG 13.10.44; A/FL Bar to DFC LG 21.9.45

 SIMPSON, Douglas Haig A/FL C/J85914 RCAF LG 17.7.45

 SIMPSON, John A/WC 60796 RAFVR LG 27.6.44

 SKINGLEY, Jack A/FL 134721 RAFVR LG 25.1.46 653 (since deceased) (awef 20.7.44)

SKINNER, Eric Herbert WO 1323222 RAFVR LG 20.3.45 (awef 30.8.43)

SMITH, James Menzies DFC A/SL NZ404957 RNZAF Bar to DFC LG 23.3.45  (Awarded DFC as FO with 467 Sqn LG 15.6.43).

SMITH, Leslie Herbert WO 950136 RAFVR LG 18.8.44

 SMITH, Max Rupert Haynes PO Aus400262 RAAF LG 15.6.43

 SMITH, Norman John A/FL C/J18593 RCAF LG 6.6.44

 SNELL, Charles Rendol A/FL C/J18140 RCAF LG 19.5.44

 SPENCER, Arthur Humphrey George PO 145359 RAFVR LG 17.8.43

 SPRIGGS, John PO 191297 RAFVR LG 20.7.45

 STANTON, John Thomas DFM WO 975024 RAFVR LG 19.9.44

 STARIE, Bernard John A/FL 133485 RAFVR LG 11.2.44

 STEVEN, Kenneth Munro A/FL 129506 RAFVR LG 11.2.44

 STEVENSON, Louis WO (later PO) 1349576 RAFVR LG 10.4.45 (since deceased (awef 23.9.43)

 SWALE, Kenneth PO 172347 RAFVR LG 30.6.44

 SWETMAN, Ronald Charles DFM A/FL 145482 RAFVR LG 7.12.43

 TAYLOR Owen Patrick Fewster A/FL NZ421792 RNZAF LG 16.2.45

 TAYLOR, Richard PO 170149 RAFVR LG 21.12.45 (since deceased) (awef 30.3.44)

TEW, Kenneth Gordon DFC FL 84692 RAFVR.  Bar to DFC LG 11.6.43  (Awarded DFC as FO with 44 Sqn LG 21.11.41).

THOMSON, James Frederick FO 156413 RAFVR LG 13.10.44

 TINDALL, Arthur John PO 173966 RAFVR LG 17.11.44

 TREACY, William Sewell PO 144004 RAFVR LG 13.7.43

 TRILSBECK, Theodore FO C/J10163 RCAF LG 18.5.43

 WAREING, Stanley FL 66497 RAFVR LG 10.9.43

 WATSON, Edwin John PO 177635 RAFVR LG 17.11.44

 WATTS, Henry Wager Dixon PO 159708 RAFVR LG 15.2.44

 WEBB, Leonard Sidney A/FL 124760 RAFVR LG 17.4.45 2026 (since deceased) (awef 4.10.43).

WHEELER, Edwin A/WO 647193 LG 19.10.43

 WHETTER, Arthur Edward FO 146314 RAFVR LG 11.2.44

 WHITE, Frederick Henry Samuel A/WO 1223944 RAFVR LG 2.6.44

 WILSON, Colin Howard A/SL 75996 RAFVR LG 11.2.44

 WINTER, Eric George PO 162594 RAFVR LG 2.6.44

 WISHART, William Geoffrey PO 147583 RAFVR LG 10.12.43; A/SL Bar to DFC LG 15.8.44

 WITHERS, Edward WO 1126464 RAFVR LG 25.5.45

 WOODS, John WO 649830 RAF LG 15.2.44

 WOOLLFORD, Roy Cyril A/WO 1388257 RAFVR LG 19.9.44

 WOOLNOUGH, Cyril Jamieson A/FO Aus418218 RAAF LG 19.1.45

WOULD, John DFC A/FL 162875 RAFVR.  Bar to DFC LG 22.5.45  (DFC with 44 Sqn as FO LG  15.8.44)

British Empire Medal (BEM)

MATHEWS, Sidney John Cpl 1250011 RAFVR LG 14.3.44 - One night in December 1943 this airman observed a Lancaster crash in a field. He immediately ran across several ploughed fields to reach the aircraft, which was by then burning fiercely. Corporal Mathews succeeded in extricating the wireless operator and in pulling two other members of the crew from the blazing wreckage. Then after attending to the rear gunner who had been thrown clear and was dazed, Corporal Mathews went to a telephone and reported the crash to his base. Later he directed the fire tender and the ambulance to the scene. By his prompt and courageous action this airman saved the life of the wireless operator and rendered valuable assistance in most harassing and difficult circumstances.

Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)

ALEXANDER, Felix Norman Sgt 1133868 LG 9.7.43

 AMBROSE, Charles Thomas Sgt 1251245  LG 19.10.43

 ARCHER, Stanley William Sgt 1165798 LG 18.5.43

 ARTER, Stanley Roland F/Sgt 777715 LG 7.12.43

 BAGGS, Robert Kelvin F/Sgt 798674 LG 7.12.43

 BAKER, John Lawrence Rubython F/Sgt 1253895 LG 7.12.43

 BALE, Douglas William F/Sgt 621402 LG 11.8.42   (DFC as FO with 619 Sqn LG 7.12.43)

BAMLETT, William Stanley F/Sgt 636149 LG 7.12.43   (DFC as FO with 635 Sqn LG 21.9.45)

BAUMBER, Cyril F/Sgt 1072598 LG 13.10.44

 BAYNES, Stanley Reginald Ernest F/Sgt 1265903 LG 23.3.45

 BENBOW, James F/Sgt 1379143 LG 12.3.43

 BENNETT, Ronald Sidney Sgt 1322262 LG 16.11.43

 BERRIDGE, Bernard Herbert F/Sgt 964008 LG 27.10.42  (DFC as Act FL with 97 Sqn LG 12.11.43)

BLIN, Lovell Herbert Sgt 904681 LG 11.6.43

 BOLLAND, Daniel F/Sgt 1301268 LG 15.9.44

 BOWEN, Roger James F/Sgt 1716011 LG 15.9.44

 BROOMFIELD, William Andrew F/Sgt 866431 LG 13.8.43

 BROWN, Gordon F/Sgt 1113002 LG 8.12.44

 BRYAN, Edward Francis F/Sgt 1244052 LG 12.11.43

 BUNDLE, James Thomas Sgt 1319521 LG 16.11.43

 BURKE, John Robert Sgt Can/R76052 RCAF  LG 15.6.43

 BURNS, Robert F/Sgt 996475 LG 16.2.45

 BUXTON, Reginald Kenneth F/Sgt 918892 LG 11.6.43

 CAMPBELL, James Munro F/Sgt 972520 LG 6.6.44

 CANHAM, Robert Sydney F/Sgt 624369 LG 11.6.43

 CANNINGS, Douglas Percy F/Sgt 1809247 LG 15.9.44

 CARLYLE, Stanley F/Sgt 1575851 LG 11.2.44

 CHANNON, Albert Sgt 1318421 LG 18.5.43

 CHARLTON, Edwin Oswin F/Sgt 939749 LG 8.5.45

 CHRISTIE, Robert Gunn F/Sgt Can/R133381 RCAF  LG 10.4.45

 CLAUSEN, Henry William Norman F/Sgt 1551750 LG 12.11.43

 COATES, William Darby Act F/Sgt 1439990 LG 7.1.44 (Immediate)

CONNELY, Harold Frederick F/Sgt Aus404330 RAAF  LG 29.12.42  (DFC as WO with 207 Sqn LG 21.1.44)

COOK, Benjamin F/Sgt Can/R80203 RCAF  LG 12.3.43

 CRISP, John Harris Sgt 992214 LG 12.3.43

 CROLL, Alexander James F/Sgt Aus406774 RAAF  LG 2.6.44 (DFC as WO with 97 Sqn LG 12.12.44)

CROSS, Patrick Graham F/Sgt 902430  LG 11.6.43

 CROUCH, Francis Norman F/Sgt Aus402664 RAAF  LG 12.1.43

 CUMMING, Thomas Stalker Sgt 1113202  LG 14.5.43

 CURRY, Richard James F/Sgt 1021538 LG 10.4.45

 DAY, Vincent John F/Sgt 1386716 LG 13.4.45

 DEVINE, Jeffrey Allan Sgt 1101026 LG 15.6.43

 DONAHUE, Carroll Joseph F/Sgt CanR69719 RCAF  LG 11.6.43

 DOW, John Paton F/Sgt 1128110  LG 11.2.44

 DUDLEY, Ronald  F/Sgt 1388344  LG 11.2.44

 DUFFY, John F/Sgt 647705 LG 12.11.43

 DUNN, James F/Sgt 1128355 LG 13.8.43  (DFC as FO with 139 Sqn LG 10.4.45 awef 26.7.44 since deceased)

DUNNING, Guy Ernest Act F/Sgt 1167089 LG 2.6.44

 ELLWOOD, Mowbray F/Sgt 645031 LG 29.12.42

 FARARA, George Grafton Haig Sgt 920368  LG 15.6.43  (DFC as Act FL with 630 Sqn LG 29.6.45 awef 6.7.44 since deceased).

FLETCHER, Robert Archie F/Sgt 745312  LG 11.8.42 (DFC as Act FL with 97 Sqn LG 15.10.43)

FORREST, Kenneth F/Sgt 1591294 LG 14.11.44

 GARDNER, John Edward F/Sgt 1391109 LG 15.10.43

 GOACHER, Thomas Henry Sgt 545214  LG 28.4.42  (Immediate) (Bar to DFM as F/Sgt with 619 Sqn LG 13.8.43).

GOAD, Richard Thomas Sgt 1392019  LG 17.8.43

 GOLDIE, James F/Sgt 620563  LG 20.11.42  (Immediate) (DFC as WO with 83 Sqn LG 17.8.43)

GOWER, George Frederick Sgt 1376896  LG 19.10.43

 GRANGER, George Cyril F/Sgt 1094226  LG 7.12.43

 GRIFFITHS, Martin Thomas Sgt 1158662  LG 15.6.43

 GUY, Wilfred Francis Sgt 798562  LG 18.5.43

 HAMBLING, Ernest Act F/Sgt 928499  LG 21.12.45

 HARVEY, Donald Edward Dunning F/Sgt 1072007 LG 21.1.45

 HEMMING, Maurice Act F/Sgt 961043 LG 16.11.43

 HILL, Wellington F/Sgt Can/R87742 RCAF  LG 12.10.43

 HOLBROOK, Frederick Edmund F/Sgt 1607347 LG 13.4.45

 HUMPHREY, Lyle Walter F/Sgt R/83615 RCAF  LG 11.6.43

 INGLIS, James Duncan McKay F/Sgt 1821740  LG 8.12.44

 IRONS, Ronald Percy Sgt 1284384  LG 28.4.42  (Immediate)

ISTED, Wilfred Coombes F/Sgt 921008  LG 11.6.43

 JENKINS, Harold Howell Sgt 1380791 LG 15.6.43

 JOHNSON, Albert Andrew F/Sgt NZ414635 RNZAF  LG 8.5.45

 JOHNSON, George Albert Act F/Sgt 946381 LG 8.5.45

 JONES, Alwyn Cobden F/Sgt Aus413207 RAAF  LG 12.11.43

 JONES, Charles Augustus Sgt 701653 LG 15.6.43

 JONES, Frederick Joseph Sgt 656625  LG 15.6.43

 JONES, Leslie Williams Sgt 905337 LG 30.1.42

 JONES, Robert Edward Sgt 619572 LG 13.3.42

 JORDAN, John Francis Sgt 1280616 LG 18.5.43

 KEANE, William Henry F/Sgt Can/R55378 RCAF  LG 20.11.42  (DFC as FO with 619 Sqn LG 15.2.44)

KEDDIE, James Sgt 659018 LG 13.7.43

 KING, Daniel Baird F/Sgt Can/R91887 RCAF  LG 11.6.43  (DFC as Act FL with 7 Sqn LG 6.6.44)

KRUGER, Frederick Charles F/Sgt Can/R86096 RCAF  LG 12.3.43  (DFC as Act SL with 420 Sqn LG 20.10.44)

LACEY, Desmond Edward F/Sgt 1801804 LG 16.2.45

 LAMBERT, Oliver F/Sgt 1066420 LG 28.7.44

 LEONARD, George Alfred F/Sgt 1415475 LG 27.6.44

 LINNETT, Noel Ernest John F/Sgt 1380679 LG 11.6.43

 LOUCH, Brian Gordon F/Sgt 624360 LG 28.4.42  (Immediate)

McALHONE, Arthur Robinson Sgt 1051508 LG 18.5.43

 McMAHON, Gerald Frazer Sgt 618934  LG 31.7.42   (Immediate)

MACKAY, Kenneth Oswald Sgt 1253668  LG 28.4.42  (Immediate)

MANDERSON, William F/Sgt 1369228  LG 12.12.44

 MANVELL, Robert Edward Sgt 569921 LG 14.5.43  (DFC as Act FL with 156 Sqn LG 6.6.44)

MARKS, Douglas James F/Sgt 1315801 LG 28.7.44

 MARTIN, Frederick Bernard Sgt 1016822 LG 18.5.43

 MATHER, William Sgt 1171003 LG 15.6.43

 MAYLAND, Clifford F/Sgt 993680 LG 11.6.43

 MERRALLS,Ernest F/Sgt 1210234 LG 11.6.43

 MIDDLETON, Malcolm Herbert Sgt 1376537 LG 15.6.43  (DFC as FL with 622 Sqn LG 13.4.45)

MOORE, Ronald F/Sgt 2209261  LG 12.12.44

 MORIARTY, John Edward F/Sgt Can/R136237 RCAF  LG 15.2.44

 NEILL, Stanley Henry Arthur F/Sgt 932995 LG 7.12.43

 NEWBEGIN, Arthur Tracey F/Sgt 1389814 LG 12.11.43

 NICHOLLS, Douglas Silvester F/Sgt 1321716 LG 12.12.44

 NOALL, William Dennis F/Sgt 1059007 LG 16.2.45

 OATES, Robert John F/Sgt Can/R51831 RCAF  LG 29.12.42

 OSBORNE, Sidney F/Sgt 1268028 LG 14.11.44

 OVERTON, Douglas Leonard Sgt 940865  LG 28.4.42  (Immediate)

PACK, Edmund Horace F/Sgt 1429178 LG 11.2.44

 PALMER, Albert Stanley F/Sgt 643812 LG 11.2.44

 PARTOS, Dennis Gilbert F/Sgt 1394153 LG 27.6.44

 PEEK, Samuel Joseph Sgt 628210 LG 15.2.44

 PENDRILL, George Edward Alfred Act F/Sgt 745807 LG 2.12.41  (Immediate)

PIKE, Reginald Charles F/Sgt 1392643 LG 11.2.44

 POND, Herbert Alexander F/Sgt NZ416161 RNZAF  LG 19.5.44

 POWELL, Reginald Frederick F/Sgt 1351391 LG 20.2.45

 PRATT, John Towler Sgt 631771 LG 19.10.43

 PRESTON, Ewart F/Sgt 1057466  LG 11.6.43

 RANDLE, Kenneth Sam Act F/Sgt 1038418 LG 19.9.44

 RATCLIFFE, John Thomas Sgt Can/R66130 RCAF  LG 28.4.42  (Immediate)

RICHARDS, William Stanley F/Sgt 1195880  LG 20.2.45

 RIMMINGTON, John Eric F/Sgt 1000253  LG 27.3.45

 ROBERTS, Albert Edward F/Sgt 634237 LG 23.5.44

 ROBERTS, William Norman F/Sgt 972388 LG 15.2.44

 ROBERTSON, John F/Sgt 966471 LG 11.6.43

 ROBINSON, Cecil F/Sgt Can/R65749 RCAF  LG 11.6.43

 SAW, Kenneth Charles F/Sgt 632221 LG 23.5.44

 SHAW, Thomas Roy F/Sgt 1039039 LG 23.5.44

 SHEPHERD, Charles Henry Sgt 1006011 LG 15.6.43  (DFC as FO with 9 Sqn LG 19.1.45)

SILK, Arthur James Wyndham Sgt 900313  LG 13.7.43

 SMITH, Collingwood F/Sgt 1123550 LG 12.3.43

 SMITH, Graham King DFM F/Sgt 550390 Bar to DFM LG 15.10.43 (DFM with 115 Sqn LG 31.5.40)

SMITH, Robert F/Sgt 1787559 LG 19.9.45

 STAFFORD, Arthur Oswald Sgt 1061419 LG 15.6.43

 STEPHENS, Ivor Glyn F/Sgt 1321020 LG 2.6.44

 STEPHENS, Verdun Richard F/Sgt Aus405263 RAAF  LG 12.3.43

 STEVENSON, Samuel Brown F/Sgt 1480507 LG 15.2.44

 STRANGE, Frederick Act F/Sgt 1600347 LG 16.11.43

 SUCKLING, Douglas Frank F/Sgt 548385 LG 11.6.43

 SULLIVAN, John Timothy Act F/Sgt 1395467 LG 10.4.45

 SUSWAIN, Eric John Sgt 1319647 LG 17.8.43

 SWETMAN, Ronald Charles Sgt 987724 LG 18.5.43  (DFC as Act FL with 97 Sqn LG 7.12.43)

TOWNLEY, William Barter Sgt Can/R71763 RCAF  LG 15.6.43

 TOWNSLEY, Henry Sgt 994575 LG 19.9.44

 TROWSDALE, Stanley F/Sgt 1378730 LG 14.5.43

 TURNER, Patrick Richard F/Sgt 1816009  LG 20.2.45

 TURNER, Robert Langland DFM F/Sgt 624293 Bar to DFM  LG 29.12.42 (DFM with 50 Sqn 17.1.41)

TWOMEY, Terence Michael F/Sgt 1383995  LG 10.4.45

 UTTING, Ronald Herbert F/Sgt 1122776 LG 17.4.45

 WALDER, Percival Ashford F/Sgt 1601301 LG 10.12.43

 WATSON, Frank Raymond Act F/Sgt 1670541 LG 2.6.44

WEST, Gerald Arthur F/Sgt 1375246 LG 12.3.43

 WESWELL, Alan Sgt 655894 LG 14.5.43

 WHARTON, Ernest Sgt 972742 LG 12.3.43  (DFC as Act FL with 7 Sqn 1.8.44)

WHITE, Ernest James Act F/Sgt 1600577 LG 19.10.43

 WHITEHEAD, John Raymond F/Sgt 1385269 LG 20.7.45

 WIDDIS, George Herving F/Sgt Can/R188526 RCAF  LG 17.10.44

 WILLIAMS, Glyn Islwyn Sgt 1379261 LG 15.6.43

 WILLIAMS, Reginald John Sgt 1195598 LG 20.3.45

 WILSON, Harold  F/Sgt 1342819 LG 17.11.44

 WOOD, Geoffrey Walter F/Sgt 1810692 LG 2.6.44

WORSDALE, Jack F/Sgt 1111874 LG 8.5.45

 WRIGHT, Edwin Lewis F/Sgt 1316566 LG 15.2.44

 WRIGLEY, James Act F/Sgt 1029740 LG 2.6.44

 YATES, William F/Sgt 1581760 LG 20.2.45

 YOUNG, George F/Sgt 1479621 LG 15.2.44


BAKER, Rayner DSO DFC SL 81930 RAFVR LG 10.5.45





OWEN, Charles Blundell SL 109489

Sexton, Roland Basil FL 127218



ALLISON, William WO 527043
COPE, Edward William WO 1425201  (with Palm)


FRESSON, Noel Holroyd DFC GC 24091 this officer has commanded a Path Finder squadron for the past 6 months during which it has achieved outstanding success. As captain of aircraft, Group captain Fresson has participated in 20 sorties and has displayed courage and devotion to duty of a very high standard.

Chevalier (Knight) of the Légion d'honneur (France)


Bill (W.A.) Fripp DFC
Maurice (M.E.) Hatch DFC
Bob (R.L.C.) Lasham DFC & Bar
Ken (K.H.H.) Cook DFC
Arthur (A.H.G.) Spencer DFC AE
Ken (K.) Brown MBE
Harold (H.V.A) Kirby
Jim (A.J.) Wright DFC