Flt Sgt Harold Wilson DFM

Flt Sgt Harold Wilson b 19/11/1922 - died 27/01/2011

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Harold "Harry" Wilson enlisted in 1941 and in November 1942 training at 42 air school Port Elizabeth South Africa and qualified as a bomb aimer 12/02/1943. Initially with 9 squadron he transferred to 97 squadron in January 1944 remaining mostly with same crew throughout, Bob Lasham being the pilot, and who all survived the war. He completed 2 tours and remained in service until 1953 or thereabouts. Harry received the DFM in November 1944. Lasham's crew moved from 9 squadron to 97 squadron in Feb 1944. Although some of the crew were not keen, Bob persuaded those unsure that if they stayed together as a complete experienced crew they had better chance of survival and that as the Pathfinder tour was only 15 missions and not 30 as previously. Bob himself completed 50 as he refused to leave until the rest of the crew completed 45. Bob Lasham is the only surviving member to this day.


Crew List

Bob Lasham, pilot DFC

Bill Yates Flt Eng, DFM

Gerry Bosley, navigator

Harry Wilson, bomb aimer,DFM

D.S.Nicholls, W/op, DFM

Reg Powell, Mid Upper Gunner DFM

E.W."Joe" Cope Rear Gunner


List of Operations flown by Harry

1. 22/23 April 44 Brunswick (P/O Lasham),

2. 24/25 April 44 Munich (P/O Lasham),

3. 26/27 April 44 Schweinfurt (P/O Lasham),

4. 29/30 April 44 Clermont-Ferrand (P/O Lasham),

5. 1/2 May 44 Toulouse (P/O Lasham),

6. 6/7 May 44 Louailles (P/O Lasham),

7. 9/10 May 44 Annecy (P/O Lasham),

8. 19/20 May 44 Amiens (F/O Lasham),

9. 31 May/1 Jun 44 Maisy (P/O Lasham) attack cancelled by Controller at target,

10. 5/6 June 44 St Pierre du Mont (F/O Lasham),

11. 6/7 June 44 Argentan (F/O Lasham),

12. 8/9 June 44 Rennes (F/O Lasham),

13. 12/13 June 44 Poitiers (F/L Lasham),

14. 4/5 July 44 St Leu D’Esserent (F/O Lasham),

15. 12/13 July 44 Culmont Chalindrey (F/O Lasham),

16. 15/16 July 44 Nevers (F/O Lasham),

17. 20/21 July 44 Courtrai (F/O Lasham),

18. 24/25 July 44 Longes (F/O Lasham),

19. 25/26 July 44 Stuttgart (F/O Lasham),

20. 11 Aug 44 Bacalan Submarine Base (F/L Lasham),

21. 11/12 Aug 44 Givors (F/L Lasham),

22. 12/13 Aug 44 Brunswick (F/L Lasham),

23. 14 Aug 44 Brest (F/L Lasham),

24. 15 Aug 44 Deelan (F/L Lasham),

25. 16/17 Aug 44 Stettin Bay Mining (F/L Lasham),

26. 18 Aug 44 Bordeaux (F/L Lasham),

27. 25/26 Aug 44 Darmstadt (F/O Lasham),

28. 26/27 Aug 44 Konigsberg (F/L Lasham),


London Gazette 17/11/44

Harold Wilson (1342819) F/S No.97 Squadron Royal Air Force – Air Bomber

Sorties 37

Flying Hours 246.35

Flight Sergeant Wilson has completed 37 sorties of which 19 have been with the Pathfinder Force and 16 as a marker. His targets have included many heavily defended places deep in the heart of Germany including Berlin (6 times), Stuttgart (4 times), Schweinfurt, Stettin, Leipzig and others. His courage and determination to press home his attacks are well illustrated on 18th July, 1944. On this occasion, Flight Sergeant Wilson was flying as visual Air Bomber in an aircraft detailed to attack Bordeaux. Whilst in the target area, the aircraft was damaged by heavy anti-aircraft fire. The Perspex of the Bombardier’s cabin was shattered, one of the engines caught fire and one of the crew members was seriously injured. Undeterred, through hampered by a stream of cold air coming through the shattered Perspex of the Bomb Aimer’s cabin, Flight Sergeant Wilson carried out an accurate bombing run and was successful in putting the bombs on the aiming point. Flight Sergeant Wilson was of invaluable aid in rendering first aid and assisting the Navigator to bring back the crippled aircraft back to an aerodrome in Southern England where a successful landing was made. He is a keen Air Bomber and a most capable set operator. For his fine example and keen devotion to duty, he is recommended for the award of the D.F.M.

15th August 1944




a poem penned many years later at the reunionmentions the seven of them as in the photo as Gerry, Bob, Nick, Joe, Harry, Reg and Bill.



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