The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) which is to open in December 2017 is both a physical and digital memorial to all those connected to Bomber Command during the war years. (1939-1945 though this may extend). They are providing a comprehensive memorial to Bomber Command in the world. I have met with several Volunteer Archivists and Digitisers and they are amazing people dedicated to creating a lasting memorial. They are looking for veterans and relatives who may have items from the period that they could donate to archive to have digitised and returned. I am told that the process takes around two weeks and that the process does not damage the items these are then as a digital source placed in a search able database available Online. The IBCC would also like to get the accounts from Veterans to create biographies which again would be digitised and can hold interviews throughout the world (some places more covered than others) and it is a very much "your story in your words" not a strict "on this day you did what" the interview covers pre war through war and after war to today if anyone would like to have more details or would like IBCC to get in touch please email the

I have cut a few details from the IBCC webpage for illustration here but the full page is well worth the visit and links to it will appear both here and in the links section please visit as they are continually updating it as they get closer to opening day. There are also memberships available and the proceeds go to completing the rest of the phases of building and archiving.


The centre comprises of the following:


The Spire

The Walls

Chadwick Centre Highlights

The Lincolnshire Garden (Peace Garden)

The International Garden (Peace Garden)

The Digital Archive

The IBCC Digital Archive is an extensive repository of the personal stories of those who served and suffered during WWII, including personal memorabilia and one of the biggest collections of eyewitness testimonies.  It is being created as part of this project to ensure that the story of the Command and the bombing campaign is preserved in perpetuity.

The Losses Database

The IBCC Losses Database records the details of 57,871 Bomber Command deaths during WWII.  It provides one of  the most comprehensive record of these losses in the world.

The centre will open in December 2017

The Digital Archive will be accessible from this site from September 2017.